Are Online Casinos Rigged - A Myth Or The Truth?

Are Online Casinos Rigged – A Myth Or The Truth?

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Are Online Casinos Rigged - A Myth Or The Truth?

At one point in our lives, we have doubted if online casino games were rigged or not. Losing streaks and noticing uncommon random results make many players believe online casinos are rigged. If a player plays roulette and sees the number 7 appear eight times in a row, they recognize this as a pattern hinting that the game has been rigged.


Does that mean the casino is rigged? No.

Saying all casinos are rigged is like calling all men cheats. But we can say, “Licensed and regulated casinos are not rigged.”

Let’s look at what it means for an online casino to be rigged and how to avoid being a victim.

We’ve heard stories of online casinos cheating their players, with RealDeal and HiLo gamblers fraud being one of the very popular ones. But that was a thing of the past. Licensing, Random number generator(RNG) tests, and auditing carried out by many online casinos by regulatory bodies make it difficult or nearly impossible to have their game rigged. 

Most games are designed for the house to have the edge over its player in the long run. To keep the casino profitable and still in business. But that doesn’t prove or point to many claims that online casinos are rigged.

With very high RTP(Return to Players), casinos can keep players coming back to them. A casino with an RTP of 95% will pay you $95 profit on a $100 stake and save the $5 as profit.

Lowering RTP will not make players play in a casino, and the chances of making some profits will be close to impossible. That’s why we advise beginners to avoid casinos with low RTP.

Report casinos that refuse to payout and engage in a fraudulent act. 

It’s a common practice that most casinos are mostly spread by words of mouth and positive reviews. No matter the good PR, once people have lost trust in a casino, it’s always challenging to restore the trust.

A player will be comfortable losing thousands of dollars to bad hands and still return to the casino playing more games. The moment a player notices that they have been cheated, they leave and never return. So why do players think a casino is rigged?


Why Do People Think Online Casinos Are Rigged?

Most people conclude that a casino is rigged after they have incurred a heavy loss. The claims are that they noticed some irregularities in the hand dealings, like the roulette example stated in the introduction. The truth is that the odds of such occurrence are unlikely but not impossible because of how probability works. In probability used in casino games, each event is independent and does not depend on the outcome of the previous events.

Let’s look at how random generators in online casino software work.

How Casino Software Works (Randomization And Probability)?

Most casino software is designed with Random Number Generator(RNG). The RNG is a code written to generate random numbers that will later be used in casino games. For example, in a dice game, a random generator generates random numbers between 1and 6. The code that works in the random generator is like a mystery box; no one can predict with very high probably what numbers it’s going to generate next. This contradicts the common belief that a man Joe at the backend of the website inputs the numbers manually.

To keep the genuity of casino RNG, casinos carry out auditing using independent parties to audit their games and software, and the report can be found on online casino websites. Also, some government bodies like UKGC audit online casinos in the UK, and you can always report if you notice any fraudulent act.

How To Avoid Playing In A Rigged Casino?

The following tips will help you make the right choices when choosing the right casinos online.

  1. Dont play with an unlicensed casino.
  2. Avoid casinos with low RTP
  3. Ask around and read casino reviews from independent sources like
  4. Always check for the audit report for an online casino.
  5. Avoid offshore casinos if you can; if not, they must be MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) licensed.



The belief that online casinos are rigged is a myth. Government agencies are there to constantly keep them in check and punish them when caught in fraudulent acts. Play with a regulated casino, and you have nothing to worry about.

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