Top Online Blackjack Strategies

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Top Online Blackjack Strategies for Optimal Gameplay

As a game of skill, it’s pretty clear that playing blackjack online without a strategy is pure madness. You can’t rely on luck alone in the game of 21. Instead, you can opt for a good strategy that can be a basic or an advanced one. Contrary to popular belief, strategies are not a bulletproof way to win. You won’t win each hand even if you use one, but you will learn to play optimally and in that way improve your winning chances.

Minimizing losses should be a priority when playing online blackjack. Below you can see the top blackjack strategies that work perfectly for the game of 21.


Basic Blackjack Strategy

The so-called basic blackjack strategy is not a strategy per se. It’s more like a collection of rules and tips that will allow you to play blackjack optimally. In short, the basic blackjack strategy recommends learning the rules by heart and knowing how to play each hand depending on the cards you’ve been dealt.

Why is it basic? Because it’s easy to learn and starts with you learning the rules. If you don’t know them—for example you don’t know the dealer rules for a soft 17—you will certainly lose your hand. The basic strategy has you following these rules:

  • Never ask for cards on a hard 17, 18, or 19
  • Always double down on a hard 11
  • Don’t split aces and eights
  • Don’t split 5s and 10s
  • Surrender against a hard 16
  • Surrender a hard 15 against a dealer’s 10
  • Split 2s and 3s against a dealer 2 and 3
  • Hit on hard 11 or less

Along with proper bankroll management, the basic blackjack strategy becomes a powerful tool.


The 1-3-2-6 strategy represents the betting units pattern you should stick to after wins. You start with one, then triple it, then double it, then bet 6 units after each win. It’s an unusual twist on regular blackjack strategies that can bring you pretty nice wins. However, it takes advantage of winning streaks that may not come.

The good news is that if you lose hand by hand, you should bet the regular unit, so you’re not losing a lot of money.

Martingale Blackjack Strategy

You may recognize this name if you’re a fan of roulette. Commonly used on luck-based games with even money bets, the Martingale works on blackjack too. It’s a costly one, however, as you need to double your bets after losses and keep betting straight when you win.

If you get stuck in a losing streak, the Martingale betting system can deplete your bankroll quickly. It’s not a strategy you can rely on, but many swear in it.

Conservative Blackjack Strategies

Not all players want an aggressive approach when playing blackjack online. Many will go with steady, conservative strategies that rely on the same bet, no matter if you win or lose. Stick to the same bet and you can plan your bankroll properly. Learn when you leave the game, and that’s responsible gambling by the book.

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